🏷️Tags in Teams:  Why and how do I use tags?

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the importance of tags in Microsoft Teams and how they can help us collaborate in Teams. Because tags are a real hidden champion in the Teams toolbox, to make our communication more effective and targeted. 🚀 ❓ Why are tags important? Tags allow us to directly address […]

📣 Channel posts: What should I pay attention to?

How can we optimize our posts in a channel in Microsoft Teams to promote effective communication. After all, the right way to deal with contributions plays an important role in successful cooperation. 💼 Here are my top tips: ✅ Always use  a headline: 📌  ALWAYS give your post a headline. Preferably one that summarizes the […]

🚀 How does a Teams Owner prepare a new Teams team?

Are you a Teams owner and would like to set up a new team in Microsoft Teams as an optimal workspace? Today I have tips on how to prepare your team in the best possible way to enable effective collaboration. 💼 Here are some key steps to keep in mind as a Teams Owner: 1️⃣ […]

🆕 So many updates! – How do I stay up to date?

With Microsoft 365 at the latest, monthly or semi-annual updates have become the norm.  But why is it crucial for administrators AND(❗) users to be aware of the latest changes in Microsoft Teams? As an admin,  it’s all about🔒 security and compliance: Admins need to keep an eye on the updates to ensure that all […]

🔕Notifications in Teams or “Is it pinging you?”

In order for teams to be accepted by users and for them to enjoy working with them, the notifications should also support and not cause trouble. So it must not ping too often or too rarely. But where and how do I set it? That’s why I take my time at the beginning of user […]

🔵 My tips about status messages

One of my favorite features in Teams is the ability to provide status messages and briefly share the most important things with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s an indication that you are not present or where an important project is currently standing. 💼   1️⃣ Click on your image in the top right corner […]

📝 The new notes in Teams Meetings!

Hardly any other function is changing as much within MS Teams as the note-taking function of the meetings. We had the wiki and OneNote as a note-taking feature. If you now click the “Notes” button in a meeting, the latest variant comes up and I think it’s very great: Notes with MS Loop 🚀💼   What are the advantages of […]

🚀5 tips for better collaboration in Teams Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a wealth of opportunities to optimize team collaboration and increase productivity. However, it is important to me that the foundation in a team team is stable. So here are my five basic tips that I always give to every company in every training course: ✅ Define your rules of the game: Before […]

🔎 Find everything in Microsoft Teams: The power of search!

Have you ever used the search function in Microsoft Teams? 🤔 The search function in Teams has become a real treasure (yes, it wasn’t always like that 😉), which helps us to quickly track down information, files and chats and not have to look through everything by hand. Here are some tips on how to […]

🔵 Status in Microsoft Teams – How to use it effectively!

“I’m always online, but no one knows if I’m available.” or “Sometimes I’m inundated with notifications even though I’m busy.” Do you know these challenges when dealing with teams? 💼 Status in Teams can help you make your availability and presence visible to others.  Here are my tips: 🔹If your Exchange/ Outlook is connected to […]

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