🏷️Tags in Teams:  Why and how do I use tags?

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Today, I’d like to talk to you about the importance of tags in Microsoft Teams and how they can help us collaborate in Teams. Because tags are a real hidden champion in the Teams toolbox, to make our communication more effective and targeted. 🚀

Why are tags important?

Tags allow us to directly address groups of people in a team (e.g. sales, project management, etc.). In other words, they help us to address specific information to specific team members. 💪

How do I use tags?

Using tags is quite simple:

1️⃣Create custom tags for different groups within the team, such as departments, roles, or qualifications. This can be done by the team owners and, depending on the setting, also by the team members themselves.

2️⃣ Assign people from the team to the tags. A person can also be assigned to multiple tags.

3️⃣ Use these tags by mentioning them in posts or replies with @mention. This will notify the members of the corresponding tag group directly and receive your information.

💡 Tip: You can even start a chat with the members of a tag to facilitate collaboration within the team and have targeted discussions. 💬

Come on! Use tags to streamline your communication in teams and enable effective collaboration. 🙌

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