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Microsoft Teams offers a wealth of opportunities to optimize team collaboration and increase productivity. However, it is important to me that the foundation in a team team is stable. So here are my five basic tips that I always give to every company in every training course:

✅ Define your rules of the game: Before you start collaborating in Microsoft Teams, you should define the rules of the game together. ♟️Define clear guidelines on how you want to communicate as a team, how the apps and tools should be used, and how posts should be written. A clear structure and uniform procedures facilitate teamwork and support your communication.

📌  Use @mentions, Tags & Reactions: To make sure the right people see your posts and messages, use the @mentions and Tags feature. Tag team members whose attention is needed by @mentioning their names or using the appropriate tags. 👍Plus, using Reactions shows your team members that you’ve read their post.

👑 Have multiple team owners: Make sure your team has at least two team owners. This gives you redundant management of the team and allows you to continue working smoothly even in the event of vacation or illness. 🌴

🚀 Leverage channels in a targeted manner: Creates specific channels for different topics or sub-projects to keep discussions organized. However, be careful not to create too many channels so as not to overwhelm team members 💡.

🛠️  Add apps you need: Add the apps your team needs to collaborate better. Be it Planner for task management, OneNote for notes, or other apps that support you in your specific workspace. 💡You can even embed relevant websites directly.

It’s not so easy to break it down to just five tips. 🫣I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in the use of teams in our working world. 

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Anja Schröder


My goal is to help people build and optimise their organisation’s digital collaboration using Microsoft Teams as a platform and Microsoft 365 Services.

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