🔎 Find everything in Microsoft Teams: The power of search!

Have you ever used the search function in Microsoft Teams? 🤔 The search function in Teams has become a real treasure (yes, it wasn’t always like that 😉), which helps us to quickly track down information, files and chats and not have to look through everything by hand. Here are some tips on how to […]

🔵 Status in Microsoft Teams – How to use it effectively!

“I’m always online, but no one knows if I’m available.” or “Sometimes I’m inundated with notifications even though I’m busy.” Do you know these challenges when dealing with teams? 💼 Status in Teams can help you make your availability and presence visible to others.  Here are my tips: 🔹If your Exchange/ Outlook is connected to […]

🍾 Bye Bye Wiki and Hello again OneNote

On January 11, Microsoft officially announced the end of Wiki via the M365 admin center. Time to take a look at why I won’t miss it and what the future looks like! Message Center in M365 Admin Center What was Wiki and what could it have been used for? An empty wiki was automatically created […]

💡 For admins: Track your message center tasks in Planner

Here is my best tip for you: Sync the tasks from your message center with a planner. Here are the necessary steps.

Almost daily there are new messages in the Message Center of your Microsoft 365 team and thus new tasks. In the best case, your entire IT team does not have global admin center rights, but only rights to access the necessary admin center for their area of responsibility. This also means that not everyone in […]

🆕New feature – Delayed messages in Teams

A new feature for Microsoft Teams has been rolling out since September 2022. If this feature is not yet available in your Teams app, it will be soon, as Microsoft is gradually rolling out new features across all tenants (Microsoft 365 environments). The new feature is the delayed sending of messages in Microsoft Teams Chat. […]

🖐️ User Adoption – Big five

User adoption refers to the process of getting users to effectively use a new product or system within an organization. It is the most important aspect of any new technology implementation, as it ultimately determines the success or failure of the project. A well-planned user adoption strategy can help ensure that the new product or […]

🗨️ Importance of communication

Effective communication is essential in any organisational change process. Without clear and open communication, employees feel insecure and uninvolved about the planned changes. This uncertainty may make them resistant to the planned changes and create change resistance. This insecurity, and the resulting rejection of change, can lead to reduced productivity and morale. If too many […]

👋 Why I try not to say -only- hello anymore

Some time ago I read an article by Luise Freese (Check her out! Here blog is awesome) about #nohello. And what can I say: It was so enlightening and since then I try to avoid a simple “hello” in a team chat. Why do I try to do this? At the moment when I write […]

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